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Spark protection and dust separation

Spark protection and dust separation

In numerous fields of industry, material transport pipeline systems operated by forced air or gas flow in largevolumes are used for the transfer of inflammable or explosive materials. The spark extinguishing system offered by us is able to prevent a spark from spreading through such pipelines. Its main components are: the sensor, the control unit, the pressure booster unit and the fire extinguishing means. In technological processes where water cannot be applied as an extinguishing material (e. g. the food industry), various shut-off devices and gates can be used in interrupting and deflecting the flow of materials, in preventing the spread of the fire. The deflecting gate, by its quick operation, is able to divert the flow of materials out of danger. The operation of the knife gate results in the immediate interruption of THE flow of materials.

At the end of the dust separation process, i. e. at the end of the pipeline system of pneumatic dust transfer, there are dust separation cyclones, bag-type dust separators or such other means that prevent the material from getting into the outdoor environment and dust is collected in silos and tanks for utilising or remediating the product. Due to intensive contact with air (oxygen) and to the availability of the initiating ignition effect, such installations are especially flammable; it is reasonable, therefore, to use automatic extinguishing installations. Sprinkler-1 Kft [llc] offers the following devices built to our Customers' individual demands and requirements:

  • Automatic integrated powder extinguisher with a powder charge of 10 to 200 kg
  • Integrated water mist extinguisher
  • Extinguisher with an integrated foam drencher

In addition to the above designs, we are ready to produce individual DESIGNS to satisfy the demands and requirements of our Customers.

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