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Production and Sale of Tools of Fire Protection Equipment

Alarm and deluge valves


The main and mandatory element of water and foam sprinkler systems is the alarm valve station that is responsible for emitting the signal required to start extinguishing the fire, which signal is transmitted to the fire alarm network and to a water-motor driven gong working on a mechanical principle. In the case of enclosed systems, i. e. those that are under pressure, the extinguishing of the fire will only start WHEN, under the effect of heat, the spray nozzles open!

Deluge valve 1

To start extinguishing the fire in the case of open-end spray nozzle systems, a deluge valve is used. This valve can be controlled pneumatically, in other word using a pilot system or electrically, i. e. controlled by the fire alarm system. This type of system is recommended for satisfying demands for enhanced safety or in the case of fire zone demarcation.

Deluge valve 2

The above-mentioned alarm valves are available in sizes DN80, DN100, DN150 and DN200. On special request, we can also supply valves for horizontal installation.

Our products may also be employed for extinguishing fires only with the use of water.

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