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Production and Sale of Tools of Fire Protection Equipment

Successful prize application


In 2010 Sprinkler-1 Ltd applied for and received a grant and successfully implemented a technology development project within the framework of the "New Hungary Development Plan". We hereby express our thanks for the grant received.

Gas integrity meter

It was a tremendous success to be able to achieve a more accurate and economical configuration for gas-based extinguishing devices by using the then brand-new technology to determine with a high level of accuracy the air-tightness of gas-extinguished rooms and the volume flow rate of the gas leakage. This is the so-called gas integrity meter. This enabled a reduction in the quantities of extinguishing gas and in the sizes of the devices by 10-20%, which also resulted in the release of less extinguishing gas into the environment, while it was also possible to improve the safety of suppression (to avoid under-dimensioning). Sprinkler-1 Ltd was the first to use this revolutionary new technology that had paid for itself within six months of its introduction, and has since continued to secure a stable market in a recession-stricken period.

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