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Heavy foam sprinkler head, drencher head


The heavy foam sprinklers, drencher (open-end) spray nozzles can also be used outdoors. The foam expansion ratio of heavy foam is between 2 and 4, which means that we can produce 2 to 4 litres of foam from 1 litre of water. The spray nozzles operate on film-generating foam material. Such systems are mostly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These spray nozzles combine the benefits of extinguishing fire with the use of a water sprinkler and foam. They produce their cooling effect in a similar way to the standard sprinkler but, in addition, the foam spreads over the surface of materials that cannot be moistened with water and separates them from the oxygen available in the air. By employing the most up-to-date materials that generate a double layer of film, foam sprinklers are also suitable for use in extinguishing foam-destroying materials, such as alcohols.
A considerable number of water sprinklers may be used for operation with heavy foam; this was made public formerly in lists issued by FM and VdS, but today the manufacturer's prescriptions apply! Our range of products is able to satisfy all your demands.

Heavy foam sprinkler head 1 Heavy foam sprinkler head 2


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