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Medium foam sprinkler


The medium foam sprinklers are improved versions of the simple water sprinklers.
Medium foam sprinklers make the foam solution jet strike a surface, e. g. a small-sized ball of dia. 8 mm, where it is pulverised and forms foam fluff in the air, which closely resembles falling snow. The medium foam spray nozzles are positioned above the surfaces to be protected. An automatically-operated fire alarm system ensures the detection of fire and the starting of the fire-extinguishing operation. Its advantage lies in its high sensitivity, wide-ranging fire-detection capability and quick response activated by smoke or flame detectors. The use of open-end spray nozzle extinguishing systems seems to be the best solution for extinguishing fires in all areas where the use of water is insufficient, such as fuel tanks or chemical materials.
Another advantage of this system is that it ensures reliable protection even in places exposed to the risk of frost and enhances the prevention of re-ignition if an antifreeze solution is used. Foam-generating material is added to the extinguishing water and mixed with it continuously, in the required concentration.
The foam solution obtained in this way is converted into foam by means of the spray nozzles.

Medium foam sprinkler


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