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Production and Sale of Tools of Fire Protection Equipment

Environment protection, quality assurance


The activities of Sprinkler-1 Ltd. are characterised by the human element, health, respect for nature, an environmentally conscious outlook on life, and by environmentally friendly extinguishing technologies. We attribute a major role to the use of environmentally friendly materials, procedures and systems in our technology. We implement our systems with consideration to protecting the soil, the air, and the living waters. Our operating and maintenance activities and applications in emergency situations are all performed in compliance with the norms prescribed by domestic and international regulations. We also enforce the requirements of an environmentally friendly technology during our construction work.

Environmental protection

This idea has been of prominent importance to us from the get-go, in recognition of which on the occasion of our 10th anniversary we were given a valuable government award: we received a certificate that authorises us to use the "ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT" label.

Environmentally Friendly Product Certificate

We have further improved our earlier environmentally friendly products in line with the current requirements for the protection of the environment. With the foam extinguisher product that received a government award, we have eliminated the use of greenhouse gases, environmentally hazardous antifreeze liquids, and pressure containers with energy-intensive manufacturing technologies.

Instead, we use a foam concentrate with an environmental certificate and an inert gas for our foam extinguishing device, whereby we achieve a dual environmentally friendly effect:

We maintain the rapid fire-choking effect, the efficiency and the flash-fast fire extinguishing capability of our device that extinguishes with traditional super-intensive foam flooding, which minimizes the quantities of extinguishing agents and fire residues.

We do all of this using environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

In recognition of the above two extraordinary advantages, on November 18, 2009, at the ÖKOINDUSTRIA 2009 Exhibition, our firm was ceremonially presented with the certificate by Mr Imre Szabó, Minister of the Environment.

Environmentally friendly operation and environmentally conscious technology are also present in all of our other extinguishing devices.

In 2007 our firm developed its foam extinguishing technology for flammable liquid containers that entitles us to use the Environmentally Friendly Product label. Among the advantages of this new generation foam-flooding extinguishing device an important role is given to its environmentally friendly design. The foam forming agent mixed in a low volumetric proportion (3%) to a small quantity of water has no harmful effect whatsoever on the soil, on our living waters, or on our human environment, it leaves the ozone shield intact, and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.


Sprinkler-1 Ltd considers quality to be of fundamental importance for maintaining and improving its competitiveness. After the establishment of our firm, in order to improve market confidence and to ensure our compliance with quality requirements, we implemented an EN ISO9001 quality system which we have since had certified every year, which regulates our work from the design phase all the way to delivery for commissioning.

We perform 60-70% of our work for multinational firms, for which we implement our systems in compliance with FM, VdS and EURONORM requirements. Maintaining our certification we currently also hold an ISO 9001:2008 (MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009) certificate No. QMS-421/11. The management of our firm is committed to establishing and maintaining a quality approach, to provide continuous extension training, and we also perform client satisfaction surveys among our partners in order to receive feedback, the results of which have, so far, always been positive.


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