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Extinguishing systems that employ flooding with light foam are based on the principle of filling the protected space with light foam in the event of fire, taking advantage of the fact that all combustible materials located underneath the foam volume (foam blanket) are cooled and cut off from Oxygen by a dispersed fluid, the extinguishing foam. There is no fire underneath foam: there is no replenishment of oxygen, there is no heat to initiate a fire, there is no progression of the fire. At the same time, the amount of the extinguishing material to be used is only a fraction of the amount that would be required of any other extinguishing material such as water, foam, or other. It is environmentally friendly, extremely fast (3-5 minutes), there is no air pollution, no hazard to people, and it is also an economical and efficient mode of protection.

It is the 13-year history of innovation within Sprinkler-1 Ltd, its development results, and its devices that surpass other international achievements, that make the elements of what we offer especially valuable.

This suppression technology, which is in widespread use internationally, was introduced to Hungary by Sprinkler-1 Ltd , and our numerous references are proof that what is considered to be good on the world market with its advanced technologies, can also be used economically and safely in our country, and we can even surpass it and set a trend of our own.

Flooding with light foam 1

The protected space must be flooded within 2-6 minutes, depending on the fire resistance threshold limits of the building structure and on the hazard levels of the materials stored there. The light foam flooding system that produces a foam blanket extinguishes using one tenth the amount of water. Light foams, with their foam yields of 700-1000 (producing a cubic meter of foam from 1 litre of solution) are uniquely efficient with regard to economic and safety engineering considerations. Of the foam-based extinguishing devices currently used in Hungary, so-called light foam flooding systems play a very significant role. Fire extinguishing systems operating with light foam flooding were introduced to Hungary by Sprinkler-1 Ltd about 12 years ago, primarily in the field of warehousing.

In addition to warehousing, they can also be used with extraordinary efficiency in other areas, such as:

  • For the protection of spaces not equipped with heat or smoke suction (as this is not required for foam flooding);
  • For rooms with complicated airspaces;
  • For cable ducts;
  • For rooms with high interior clearances;
  • For spaces with extra high fire risks;
  • For separate small workshops and spaces subject to a fire hazard;
  • For logistics bases and warehouses;
  • For warehouses that store hazardous materials.

Sprinkler-1 Ltd has designed and implemented 75% of all extinguishing devices based on light foam flooding that were installed during the past 13 years in compliance with both the domestic and the international regulations, on the basis of which we can state that our firm occupies a dominant position in the market, and is regarded as driving the market. Pursuant to our current business policy we provide products that are ahead of the international market in foam flooding, we allow access for all reliable construction firms in the field of fire protection, and we also initiate international sales, where we see a broad range and a high volume of opportunities. During our 13 years of operation we have gained a head-start in development and innovation, as well as application experience, which we now sell in every market for mutual benefits. This concept includes the publication of our dimensioning and design principles and application technology in our design manual which is available under the CUSTOMER SERVICE menu item.


Fire protection with light foam flooding


Flooding with light foam 2

Light foam flooding systems can be both automatically and manually operated. The most frequently used solution to generate a suppression initiation signal is for the fire alarm system to issue a fire alarm. However, the suppression initiation signal may also be generated otherwise if needed (such as using pilot systems).

In order to avoid false alarms and the resulting damage the fire extinguishing system usually starts operation only once a pre-programmed amount of time has passed. During this delay those who are at the location can disable the suppression if they have ascertained beyond any doubt that the suppression is not necessary. The extinguishing system based on light foam flooding fills the protected section with foam up to its full height. In the space filled with the foam the foam cuts off oxygen from the fire, which is a prerequisite for burning, so it is also best suited for the suppression of fires with deep-seated places of origin.

An extinguishing system based on light foam flooding reduces to the minimum the secondary damage caused by the extinguishing foam during the suppression, as opposed to other foam-based or water-based extinguishing techniques, during which an amount of extinguishing material seveal times greater needs to be delivered to the protected area.


Using the most advanced achievements in international development over the past years, Sprinkler-1 Ltd. now offers the third generation of development to fully meet the special requirements of its clients. Our scope of business and services now encompasses the development of the fire protection concept, the technical design, obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities and from the municipality, the manufacture, the assembly, the delivery for commissioning, the functional tests as well as the commissioning itself. In addition to this our firm also performs periodical inspections and continuous maintenance.

Fire suppression based on light foam flooding is an optimal solution in many cases. This is made significant by the security of the suppression - fire does not burn underneath the foam - and by its favourable investment costs, as well as its adaptability to mechanised warehousing technologies and to rooms with complex spatial structures and airspaces with numerous obstructions.

Light foam-based suppression technologies are also sufficiently attractive from an investor point of view due to their minor auxiliary costs.

There are some areas where we do not recommend foam-based suppression, as it is also important to know the limitations of its applicability. All foam-based extinguishing systems are generally unsuitable for the suppression of the following fires:

  • Special chemicals sensitive to water, such as cellulose nitrate, which emits sufficient amounts of oxygen or other oxidizing substances that could maintain the combustion;
  • Not closed electric devices that are under voltage;
  • Metallic elements, such as sodium, potassium, and auto-flammable chemicals that enter into reactions with water;
  • Materials that enter into reactions with water, such as triethylaluminium and phosphorus pentoxide.

You should also ensure, where possible, that there are no open surfaces on the wall structure of the space to be inundated - openings covered with nets are OK -, and if there are such open surfaces then those need to be closed automatically prior to beginning the suppression. Thus, when designing foam-based extinguishing systems you should work in close co-operation with the designer of the fire alarm and fire control systems. Systems based on light foam flooding successfully compete with other extinguishing systems in terms of cost efficiency, reliability, environmental protection and all other state-of-the-art requirements, and Sprinkler-1 Ltd. provides the most state-of-the-art, most efficient devices for designers, contractors and their clients.

Parameters Built-in powder-based extinguishing systems Water sprinkler systems Built-in gas-based extinguishing systems Light foam flooding systems
Reliability Water inflammation hazard Sufficient Good Outstanding
Secondary damages High level of powder contamination High level of wetting None Minimal wetting
Safety of persons located inside Adequate Good May be used only after personnel have been evacuated Minimal hazard
Environmental aspects Circumstantial cleaning Powder contamination Large quantity of contaminated water Damage to the ozone shield
Global warming
Small quantity of foam solution, environmentally friendly
Automation option Circumstantial Good Persons Bad - Good
Cost of realisation
(100 units: light foam)
Not comparable 150-200 Depending on the extinguishing gas 400 100

Light foam flooding systems can be started both automatically and manually.
In automatic operation start-up can be initiated using both electronic and pneumatic pilot signals.

Extinguishing system benefits summary

  • Outstanding reliability;
  • Possibility to eliminatedamage from false alarms;
  • Minimal hazard for people located inside;
  • Optimal capital expenditure;
  • Low environmental burden;
  • Insignificant maintenance requirements;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Protection of equipment and materials without the risk of fire or water damage.


Regulations in Hungary for foam-based extinguishing devices are primarily focused on the extinguishing technique for combustible fluids. However, the international literature already covers light foam flooding systems as a separate unit. Within the regulatory environment it is probably the American NFPA 11/A standard which is the most authoritative, as it provides continuous updates to ensure that field experience is incorporated into the regulatory system, while in Europe VdS continues to play a dominant role.

The Hungarian MSZ EN 13565-2 Standard on foam-based extinguishing systems has entered into force and is widely used.

In Hungary, accession to the European Union brought about a change, resulting in the extension of the earlier ordinances of the Minister of the Interior and their re-thinking in terms of both structure and content. In addition to full compliance with the Hungarian regulations Sprinkler-1 Ltd. also complies with the prevailing international regulations in the implementation of its systems, with consideration also to the requirements of its clients.


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