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Foam nozzles


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The heavy foam generators can primarily be used in extinguishing fires of combustible liquids. The basic operating principle is that the foam, which is of lower specific weight than the burning liquid, floats on the surface, spreads on it and physically separates the combustible material, i. e. the inflammable liquid, from the oxygen feeding the fire, i. e. from the air.

As the only integrated installation that is able to combat fire, when it occurs, the foam generator is a mandatory accessory to tanks storing inflammable liquid, not only in Hungary, but also in the rest of the world. In addition, foam nozzles can be used extremely widely, e. g. for cable tunnels, two-dimensional fires.


Foam nozzles marked by TU are fire-fighting devices that are in continuous operation. When installed, they are suitable for use as foam extinguishing installations for inflammable liquids, their tanks and arrestor spaces. They are resistant to alcohol and, if mixed with AFFF and synthetic foam materials, their expansion ratio is: approx. 1:7 (l/l) to 1:18 (l/l)
Mixing ratio: approx. 1 to 5 %, depending on the concentration of the foam. The foam material – water solution, which is introduced at a pressure of minimum 3.5 bar, becomes pulverised on the foam generating element and enters the foam generating compartment of the nozzle where, mixed with air, it constitutes the extinguishing foam. Structural materials: carbon steel, galvanised steel, coated with synthetic lacquer, in RAL 3000 colour. Structural materials: carbon steel, galvanised inner structure, synthetic coating.
Documentation: Fire Safety Certificate of Compliance
According to the Standards MSZ EN 13565 and to the Decree No. 28/2011. (IX. 6.) BM [Minister of Interior]
(OTSZ [National Fire Protection Code).


Foam solution capacity table

Foam solution capacity


The nozzles can be provided with accessories such as, so-called foam trays, vapour-tight (fire safety break glass) elements, foam liquefiers. In selecting and incorporating these items in project designs, in distributing, installing and putting them into operation, Sprinkler-1 Kft [llc] is pleased to be at the disposal of users at any time.

Foam nozzle


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