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Production and Sale of Tools of Fire Protection Equipment
Foam sprinkler devices
Foam tanks Foam mixers Foam concentrates Medium foam sprinkler Heavy foam sprinkler head, drencher head Alarm and deluge valves Other special devices
Foam tanks Foam mixers Foam concentrates Medium foam sprinkler Heavy foam sprinkler head, drencher head Alarm and deluge valves Other special devices


Foam sprinklers are similar to water sprinklers with the difference that they use a foam solution as the extinguishing agent instead of water. How do foam sprinklers work? From the container of the foam substance the foam concentrate flows to the foam proportioning mixer where it is mixed at a certain ratio with water, and upon the opening of the alarm valve (or in other cases the deluge valve) it flows to the foam sprinkler (or in other cases the drencher) nozzles where it is sprinkled as a spray of foam and extinguishes the fire.

Sprinkler-1 Ltd offers all of the above devices in the most state-of-the-art, inspected and licensed form to its customers. Why are foam sprinklers needed and why is it not sufficient to use simple sprinklers that operate with cheaper water?

Systems that mix in foam to enhance the extinguishing power of the sprinkler are primarily found in a large number of extinguishing systems installed within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Such, so-called foam sprinklers unite the benefits of using sprinklers and using foam to suppress fires. They exert a cooling effect like normal sprinklers, but in addition, due to the proportional mixing of foam they also cover the surfaces of materials that cannot be wetted with water and shut them off from the oxygen contained in the air.

Foam sprinkler devices 1

By using the most state-of-the-art agents to form dual films a foam sprinkler system can even be used to extinguish materials that break down foam, such as alcohol.

Foam sprinkler devices 2

Standards and Insurers

Pursuant to the current Hungarian regulations the installation of a foam sprinkler device requires an installation permit. Applications for installation permits are to be submitted in the form of an application to the authority of the first instance, i.e., as of January 1, 2012 to the Disaster Prevention and Fire Prevention Department with regional competence in the respective County or in Budapest.

Foam sprinkler devices 3

The installation of the sprinkler system may commence only in possession of the documentation submitted as the annex of the application, and in possession of the permit. There are similar regulations internationally, but it is typical of the international markets to require compliance with the specifications of the Insurers' systems in addition to the national requirements. As mandatory, foam sprinklers are subject to both the specifications for sprinklers and the specifications for foam extinguishers. To assist our readers in seeing clearly we recommend our design aid on our CUSTOMER SERVICE page.

ALL FIRE EXTINGUISHING DEVICES AND FITTINGS IN THE DESIGN DOCUMENTATION MUST BE INSPECTED AND AUTHORISED PRODUCTS. Sprinkler-1 Ltd provides the appropriate certifications for the foam sprinkler products that it sells.

The specialised fire protection authority may control at any time during the installation, and must control as mandatory as part of the procedure for issuing the commissioning permit, whether or not the technical solution that was implemented is identical to the technical solution approved in the permit documentation. After the installation of the sprinkler device an application must be submitted to the authority of the first instance for a commissioning permit, which is issued by the authority on the basis of the opinion issued by the specialised authority.

The certificates provided by Sprinkler-1 Ltd assist in making the commissioning easier during these procedures.


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