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Foam generators


Foam generators can be divided into two main groups: those mixing outdoor air and those mixing indoor air.

The foam generator that operates by mixing outdoor air, as its name suggests, uses fresh air for producing foam with a high expansion ratio. In this case, the generators are mounted on the rooftop or other external surface, such as a façade, and fresh air is taken from outside. The air supply to the foam generators with a high foam expansion ratio is provided through an automatically-operated duct that opens when the fire alarm device activates the foam generating system. As a rule, automatic fans are used on rooftops in order to maintain the volumetric balance. The advantage of this type of generator is that it takes up no space inside the facility, thus providing more liberty for the user in meeting their demands.

Foam generator 1

When indoor air is mixed, the foam is made by the indoor air intake; the production of foam is not prevented by the high temperature of the air, nor by flue gases. This provides it with a clear advantage, that of being able to bind and use smoke. The equipment is housed inside the facility, thus there is no need to open up the roof or the façade, or to provide the required pass-through air ducts. The system needs no external power source, since it works using the dynamic energy of water.

Foam generator 2

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