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Foam mixers


Foam proportioners are devices used to proportionally mix the extinguishing water and the foam substance (foam concentrate) at a set, stable and accurate rate (fluid / fluid solution with a foam content of 0.5-6%) and to forward those under pressure. Depending on the mode of use (pressure and volume flow rate requirement) the type of the foam proportioner and its type dimensions can be determined with an optimal selection of the FOAM CONTAINER and of the water pump. There is a design guide under the CUSTOMER SERVICE menu item that may provide assistance for this.


Injector type adding-mixing unit

Injector type adding-mixing unit



Venturi foam proportioner


The VENTURI FOAM PROPORTIONERS operating on the principle of proportionate volumetric displacement, e. g. two pumps of proportionate capacity, with a joint drive or a volumetric foam pump driven by means of a volumetric water-motor, but numerous similar designs are available. If you have special requirements, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Venturi units operating on hydrodynamic principles receive the foam concentrate from a pressurised tank, while the injector type adding-mixing units are supplied with the foam concentrate from a tank at atmospheric pressure.


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