Sprinkler-1 Fire Protection Ltd.
2120 Dunakeszi, Pf. 37.
Phone/Fax: +36 1 236-0772
E-mail: info@sprinkler-1.hu

Production and Sale of Tools of Fire Protection Equipment

Company history


Sprinkler-1 Fire Protection Ltd was founded in November 1999 by Hungarian owners under the name IFEX-Fire Guard Ltd, and to this day it is still run by Hungarian owners. Over the past 13 years since our founding, in addition to developing our business lines, expanding our product ranges, streamlining our ownership structure and changing our name, we have also been unmatched in the industry for having stayed in continuous operation, and increased our turnover until the year 2006. Following this, by the year 2008 we had settled at a lower level, which however we have maintained ever since. This was also when we adopted the name Sprinkler-1 Ltd. Currently we can say we are one of the rare survivors of the Hungarian fire protection industry; a majority of our rivals have already undergone 2-3 changes over the same period of time, and many have gone bankrupt, or have recapitalised or sold their firms.

How did we manage to remain a dominant player in the marketplace? At all times we have applied the most innovative solutions in all specialist areas both professionally and organisationally. We are unmatched among Hungarian-owned firms for having kept our firm in development for 8 years as a market leader and since 2007 as a leading firm with stable economics, with changes in our business lines, with inventions, by purchasing know-how, and by orienting ourselves internationally.

We now consider the time has come to implement a new investment in our old, successful business line, the sale and distribution of built-in fire protection devices, alongside our earlier profitable business lines. We are planning for greater results. Even in a recession it is possible to make business investments in quality fire protection, as fire extinguishing systems can be improved or at least maintained at a constant level, independently of the state of the economy. However, in the markets of developed countries fire extinguishing systems are becoming obsolete (as there are no investments due to the recession), while high quality products are expensive (and there are only a few of those).

We shall increase our activities by an order of magnitude with regard to both our market positions and our technical and commercial standards within the range of our proprietary designed and/or owned products and services, and we shall also extend the range of what we can offer through quality imports and re-exports. We shal l buy the special products of low-price firms capable of producing quality fire extinguishing devices and shall include them in our product range to be able to offer each significant built-in device as part of a system. We shall broaden and dynamically expand our exports to sell the most advanced technologies to achieve a significant position in international markets. We can market products that surpass the world standard at lower than international prices by using valuable Hungarian labour.

Alongside product distribution we shall maintain our design, expertise and technical consulting work at a minimum and, if possible, we shall strive to achieve a higher level of quality, quantity and sales-related business activities in product distribution, our new leading business line. We shall accelerate product developments and increase the standard of our other successful business lines, such as fire protection design, preparations for implementation, technical consulting, fire protection diagnostics and maintenance.


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